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What is Nationwide ProAccount?

Nationwide ProAccount is a managed account program, available for an additional fee, designed to help take the guesswork out of retirement investing. With Nationwide ProAccount, Savings Plus assets are allocated to your ProAccount based on your age and personal tolerance for risk. These allocations are then monitored and adjusted over time to keep you on track toward your retirement goals.

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What you get as a Nationwide ProAccount participant

Wilshire Associates (“Wilshire”) builds and manages your portfolio using the Savings Plus investment options. You receive:

  • Experienced investment managers with the time and knowledge to make informed investment decisions for your portfolio
  • A personalized portfolio created by Wilshire based on your age and personal tolerance for risk
  • Periodic adjustments to your personalized portfolio as market conditions change

Oversight by Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA):

  • Ongoing oversight of the portfolios built by Wilshire
  • NIA implements the investment advice as directed by Wilshire

Ongoing support:

  • Reminders from NIA to update your risk tolerance profile as your life situation changes
  • Periodic updates about the allocation of each Savings Plus investment option used in your ProAccount portfolio
  • The opportunity to communicate in person or on the phone
  • Telephone support from a registered investment adviser representative
  • Find additional information online at

What you pay as a Nationwide ProAccount client

The fee for ProAccount is based on the average daily balance of your account. This fee is deducted from your account on a quarterly basis in arrears. The fees associated with ProAccount are:

Account Balance Annual Program Fee
The first $99,999.99 0.50%
The next $150,000 0.45%
The next $150,000 0.40%
The next $100,000 0.35%
Assets of $500,000 and above 0.30%

Wilshire Associates

  • Adapts the investment strategies they’ve developed for larger institutions and puts them to work for individual investors like you
  • Uses a rigorous, disciplined process to develop ProAccount portfolios based on their deep knowledge of markets and investment strategies
  • Develops diversified portfolio models utilizing Savings Plus investment options

The Nationwide ProAccount partnership is designed to help you reach your retirement goals

Wilshire creates personalized portfolios tailored to your age and personal tolerance of risk utilizing Savings Plus investment options. NIA monitors Wilshire’s activities and results to make sure they are fulfilling their contractual responsibilities.

Working together, NIA and Wilshire Associates can help you feel more confident about achieving your retirement investment goals.

The financial quality of your retirement will most likely depend on the choices you make in your retirement accounts. Nationwide ProAccount® can help you feel more confident about reaching your retirement goals.


Next Steps

For enrollment questions or more information, call your local Retirement Specialist or 1-855-616-4776 (4SPN).

Nationwide ProAccount® neither guarantees a profit nor eliminates risk.

Investment advice for Nationwide ProAccount is provided to plan participants by Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC, a SEC-registered investment adviser.

Wilshire Associates Incorporated (Wilshire®) is not an affiliate of Nationwide or Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA). NIA has retained Wilshire as an Independent Financial Expert for Nationwide ProAccount. While NIA is the investment adviser for your account, Wilshire provides NIA with investment decisions for the Nationwide ProAccount portfolios. NIA will exercise discretionary authority to allocate and rebalance a Nationwide ProAccount participant’s account to implement the advice provided by Wilshire. Wilshire is a registered service mark of Wilshire Associates Incorporated, Santa Monica, California.

Nationwide, the N and Eagle, and Nationwide ProAccount are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. ©2017 Nationwide

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