Life Well Balance

Quick and easy actions for healthy savings

This season, add more balance to your life with simple savings routines that leave more time to focus on you. Savings Plus makes it quick and easy! Use this quick checklist to start:

  • Set up an online account if you haven’t already. 
  • Use the My Interactive Retirement Planner Tool.
    This planner helps you determine if you're on track for retirement. It uses your account data and allows you to include other sources of income, such as your pension and social security, to provide your retirement projection, then generates a personalized Retirement Readiness report.
    And, your Report is saved each time you use the tool!

    Get My Report
  • Review or update your Beneficiary(ies) designation.
    See why it is important to review this any time you have a life change.
  • Increase or restart your contributions.
    Increasing contributions to your Savings Plus account can help you feel confident that what you’re doing now positively impacts your longer-term goals. Learn more about how to contribute, including how our new Percentage of Pay contribution method can work for you. You can also sign up for our Auto Increase feature so that your contribution automatically increases each year by the amount you choose. You almost never feel the difference!
    Regularly increasing contribution to your Savings Plus account can help your feel confident that what you're doing now can positively impact your longer-term goals.
  • Evaluate if you're investing in a way that corresponds with your risk tolerance.
    For example, your goals and assets could be more at risk if you're invested in only one fund (not applicable to a Target Date or the Socially Responsible Fund), so consider the other investment options available to you.

    Or, maybe you need a refresher on which investing approach is right for you:
  • Attend one of our workshops
    Learn about savings approaches and what Savings Plus offers. Check out our topics and schedule!
  • Contact us anytime.
    We have a Customer Service Center and a Walk-in Service Center located in Sacramento staffed with helpful associates who can review your account and help you find information.

Talk about balance! Talk about easy!

We meet you where you are with information the way you want to receive it!

Make this the year you commit to a life well balanced with Savings Plus. We’re with you for life!

Investment advice for Nationwide ProAccount is provided to plan participants by Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA), an SEC-registered investment adviser. NIA has retained Wilshire® as an Independent Financial Expert for Nationwide ProAccount. While NIA is the investment adviser, Wilshire has discretion over all investment decisions and uses mathematical and statistical investment processes to allocate assets, select mutual funds and construct portfolios and funds in ways that seek to outperform their specific benchmarks. Such processes may not achieve the desired results. Wilshire is a service mark of Wilshire Associates Incorporated, which is not an affiliate of Savings Plus, Nationwide or NIA.

Target-date funds invest in a wide variety of underlying funds to help reduce investment risk. In addition to the target-date fund expenses, you pay a proportionate share of the underlying funds’ expenses. These funds are designed for people who plan to withdraw assets during or near a specific year. They are subject to market risk and loss. Loss of principal can occur at any time, including before, at or after the target date. There is no guarantee target-date funds will provide enough income for retirement.

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