Account Fees

Fees collected from participant accounts provide funding to administer Savings Plus. Savings Plus charges each account 401(k) and 457(b) a $1.50 monthly administrative fee.

Participants who choose to invest in a Charles Schwab self directed option (SDBA) account) may be subject to additional fees depending on the investment options you choose in the SDBA. You may pay higher fees compared to the investment management fees in Savings Plus’ core investment options.

Transaction Fees

  • A $2.00 check fee is deducted from your plan assets; use the Direct Deposit option and avoid this fee.
  • A $25.00 overnight check fee.
  • A $50 loan initiation fee is deducted from your account.
  • A QDRO fee of $300 is applied at the time of account split and is applied equally to both the participant and alternate payee account unless the order stipulates otherwise.
  • A $50 Insufficient Funds Fee for ACH Loans is assessed once per payment due if the ACH fails due to insufficient funds. This is taken from the participant's plan account.

Investment Fees

Our investments and services are delivered at a low cost through a simple and equitable fee structure without any hidden fees or restrictions. By paying lower fees, more of your account value remains invested, which may then help your account grow over time.

Investment Fees are separate from administrative account fees. View our Investment Fees.

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