What Is “Unclaimed Property”?

To get your money back, you need to submit a claim form to the State Controller's Office (SCO). Unclaimed Property is a form of property (such as an account) that appears to be abandoned by its owner. 

For more information about unclaimed property laws and regulations, refer to the SCO website at Once online, follow the links for “Unclaimed Property,” or call the SCO toll-free at 1-800-992-4647 or 916-323-2827 (locally).

Please note - In the case of PST retirement accounts, the law allows us to deem an account unclaimed if three years pass without any paycheck deductions going into or out of the account. When this happens, Savings Plus turns over the assets in the account to the SCO following procedures outlined in the Unclaimed Property Law (Code of Civil Procedure, section 1500 et seq.).

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