What to do in a volatile market

  1. Stay The Course
    Markets are volatile and will move up and down. Historically, long term investors who stay the course have been rewarded for their patience and persistence.
  2. Have a Strategy
    A well diversified and allocated portfolio will match an investor’s risk tolerance and allow them to weather changes in the market over time.
  3. Talk to Someone
    Nationwide has Retirement Specialists with tools to help you review or develop a strategy for your investments within your retirement plan. Reach out to them for their help and support.

Update on current market activity

  • Much of August’s volatility in the market has been attributed to stresses in China. Their government has been actively engaged in devaluing their currency and maintaining stability in their markets.
  • Volatility is still somewhat elevated from earlier in the year, but has fallen from the highs in mid-August.
  • Many of the economic reasons for the high volatility and downward trending markets in 2000 and 2008 do not exist in today’s economic environment.
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