Learn how Savings Plus is with you for life.

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Watch the rest of our videos for valuable perspective and information that can help you make decisions about planning for the retirement you want.

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One Minute Fact Videos – Learn from the Savings Plus team!

Reasons to enroll

Learn about enrolling and managing your financial wellness journey. Watch this video

Auto Increase and Percentage of Pay

Learn about the new Auto Increase and Percentage of Pay features available to you. Watch this video

Resetting your password

Learn how you can reset your online account password without having to call in. Watch this video

Designating your beneficiaries

Learn how you can review or update your beneficiaries through your online account. Watch this video

Asset Allocation & Diversification

Learn how you can personalize your investments to meet your personal tolerance for risk. Watch this video

My Interactive Retirement PlannerSM

Learn how the My Interactive Retirement PlannerSM can help you determine if you’re on track for retirement. Watch this video

Pre-Tax vs. Roth

Learn the difference between the pre-tax and Roth contribution options. Watch this video

Testimonial Videos - Learn what your peers are saying about Savings Plus!

I'm close to or in retirement

Learn how Savings Plus is with you for life.
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I've been with the state for several years

Learn how regularly increasing your contribution can benefit you in the long term.
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I'm newer to state employment

Learn how saving early through Savings Plus can help impact your future.
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Educational Videos - Learn valuable information to help with account decisions

What are some cybersecurity basics?

What are some cybersecurity basics?Learn how to protect your online identity from banking to retirement.

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How to avoid emotional investing?

How to avoid emotional investing?Learn how to keep emotions in check when making investment decisions.

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How a retirement plan works

How Retirement Plans WorkSee how a retirement plan works and learn about the power you have to control your financial future.

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What is a 457(b) and why should you enroll?

Learn how this deferred compensation plan helps public sector employees save for retirement.

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How can you invest in your plan?

Find out about the allocation, investment and monitoring options available in a 457(b) plan.

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How much is enough? A secret strategy for retirement saving

Check out our 3-step approach to help you calculate — and save for — what you'll need for retirement.

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Managing multiple accounts

Learn how consolidating all of your retirement accounts into one may be a good strategy.

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Approaching retirement: A guide to what's next

From when to take Social Security to rebalancing your portfolio, here's a guide for getting to and through retirement.

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