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Congratulations! You are doing the right thing and taking steps to plan for and live in retirement. How confident are you that you are doing everything you can to be on track to meet your goals? We are here to help you understand what life stage you might be in. With just a click on a tab below, you can look at the different life stages and see which one best fits you, as well as your level of confidence that you are on the right track.

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Time Is On Your Side and You Feel Confident

With several years until you retire, you’ve been actively investing in your retirement plan. You’re looking to invest more and learn what options might help you reach your goals. You want to stay on track and understand the tools and information that can help you do that.

There are things you can do to help maintain this path, from educating yourself on what you may need when you retire to considering increasing your contributions to reviewing your plan on a yearly basis.

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Retirement Is Near and You Feel Confident

You are invested in a defined contribution plan and are planning to retire in the next five years, so you are probably feeling pretty confident – that is great! Have you considered all the options you can take advantage of before you hit retirement?

Employees in your mindset are generally thinking about how to transition from investing to spending. We are here to help you understand options, what changes may take place and how to prepare for retirement – we will be with you every step of the way.

Things you can do now:

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Time Is On Your Side and You Feel Unsure

You have years until retirement, but you are feeling that you may not be doing enough to save for your future. There are options out there for you to start saving now, helping make for a financial future that may better fit your needs. Getting started now with a Savings Plus account can make a big difference to you being closer to meeting your retirement goals. You have the opportunity to create a plan to start saving now, to increase your contributions, and to set the stage for you to be confident you have done steps necessary to help provide income while in retirement.

We are here to help with personalized service – our Retirement Specialists will be with you every step of the way.

There are things you can do now, to get you on the right track: 

  • Evaluate your situation – Take just 10 minutes to see how much to start investing for the future with the My Interactive Retirement PlannerSM.
  • Enroll if you have not – Skim through the Why Should I Participate? section to learn about the potential advantages of participating in your defined contribution plan.
  • Do an account review – If you have enrolled but feel like you are ready to invest more, talk with a Retirement Specialist to do an account review. Or use our tools in the Learning Center to get answers on your own, quickly.

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Retirement Is Near and You Feel Unsure

If you are within five years of retirement but have not invested regularly or long enough in your Savings Plus account, you are probably feeling unsure about your retirement years. The good news is that it is never too late to save or increase your current contributions. You may want to look at your asset allocation or have an annual review to see if your current plan fits your long-term plans. We are here to help answer any questions you may have – our Retirement Specialists will be with you every step of the way. Just remember that investing involves market risk. The use of asset allocation does not guarantee returns or insulate you from potential losses.

Things you can do in the short-term to help you get on track:

  • Evaluate where you are nowTalk with a Retirement Specialist to start an Account Review to see where you really stand – it might be better than you think. We have helped thousands of employees transition from working to retirement, and we are here to help.
  • Play catch-up – Take advantage of special rules for public employees that may allow you to invest more in your defined contribution plan in the years leading up to retirement.
  • Discover ways to invest more – Once you are in the Plan, our Retirement Specialists and Learning Center library have lots of tips on how to budget to invest in your defined contribution plan.

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Living in Retirement

You have made it to retirement! But what does this really mean to you? Retirement means different things to different people. Maybe you will decide that this is a time to just relax and enjoy family or take a year or two to travel around the world. Or perhaps you are planning to try a new career or business venture.

Regardless of your plans for retirement, you may have questions. You may wonder if you can keep your plan in place now that you are not with your employer to what options you have to draw income. We are here to help you understand how you can manage your income so that you can help it last as long as possible. You can also call your Customer Service Representative at any time to talk about options.

Things to consider can include:

  • Staying in your plan – You can keep your money in your defined contribution plan to continue taking advantage of tax-deferred savings. There is no need to take your money out and pay possible taxes, fees and commissions.
  • Withdrawals from pre-tax accounts are taxable income to you in the year the payments are made. Qualifying Roth withdrawals may be taken tax-free.
  • Transitioning from saving to spending – Learn more about payout options, timing of distributions and more.
  • Re-evaluating your investments – Take a look at your investments and adjust your asset allocation as needed to help bridge the gap between your spending needs and what your pension and Social Security offer.

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