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Your Account

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It is your responsibility to ensure the information for your PST account is accurate. To learn how to update, choose the appropriate category below.

Update Your Address

Separated or Retired Participants

You have two options to update your address:

Employed Participants

If you're working for the State, submit your address change directly to your departmental personnel/payroll office. Your address will update within the next month.

Beneficiary Designation Change

Mother and Son

Submit your beneficiary designations for each plan in which you're enrolled, even if you designate the same person or person(s) for all plans.

You can name or change your beneficiary by logging into your account on the Savings Plus website or contact a Savings Plus Service Center representative.

Beneficiary designations are effective immediately and are viewable at any time on the Savings Plus website or on your account statement.

Name Change

Separated or Retired Participants

If you change your name, including a change due to marriage, you should notify Savings Plus in writing so we can update your account information. Include a copy of the legal documentation changing your name (such as a marriage license) and a copy of your driver's license or Social Security card. Mail this notification to:

Savings Plus Service Center
PO Box 563922
Charlotte, NC 28256

Employed Participants

If you're a current employee contributing to a Savings Plus account, update your name with your personnel or human resources office. Your name will be updated within the next month.

You should also consider updating your beneficiary designation.


User ID and Password

Savings Plus requires a User ID and a password to access your account through the Savings Plus website or through the voice response phone system and Savings Plus Service Center. Your User ID and password must be 8 to 20 characters (numerals and/or letters).

If you don't have a User ID, you can create your own online or contact a Savings Plus Service Center representative. Neither your User ID nor your password can be your Social Security Number.