Watch List

The Savings Plus Watch List is based on recommendations from and discussions with our consultants who help Savings Plus staff monitor our investment managers. When warranted, an investment manager is placed on the Watch List and may be removed from our investment lineup.

Savings Plus Watch List

Voya Mid Cap Growth (Savings Plus Mid Cap Fund) was placed on the Watch List in August 2019, Criteria #5.

Voya Large Cap Growth (Savings Plus Large Cap Fund) was placed on the Watch List in February 2020, Criteria #1.

Goldman Sachs Small Cap Growth (Savings Plus Small Cap Fund) was placed on the Watch List in May 2022, Criteria #1.

Savings Plus Watch List Criteria

Quantitative Standards
1. Did not meet the established performance standards (benchmark/peer universe) over preceding 3/5-year period

Qualitative Standards

2. Compliance with stated investment guidelines, contract terms, and/or State or federal laws and rules
3. Adherence to stated investment style and philosophy
4. Ownership stability and alignment of interests with investors
5. Retention and attraction of key investment professionals associated with the management of the investment fund
6. Litigation and assessment of impact on future investment performance
7. Disclosure of relevant information that may have an adverse impact on performance

An investment fund that fails to satisfy any of the above (or combination of the above) may be removed from the Savings Plus investment lineup or placed on the Watch List.

For more Watch List criteria, please review our Investment Policy Statement.