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As a state leader, you’re in the best position to help employees understand the value of preparing for their retirement income needs through the California Savings Plus Program. We’ve produced a comprehensive guide to help you support your employees as they enroll and participate in Savings Plus and prepare for and live in retirement.

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The basics of Savings Plus

Savings Plus is a voluntary retirement program that allows your employees to supplement their retirement benefits through tax-deferred and Roth payroll contributions.

Savings Plus offers pre-tax, Roth 401(k), and Roth 457(b) Plans.

Savings Plus is complementary to your employees’ CalPERS pension and is a valuable state benefit offered by the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

Offer your employees access to retirement savings

Human Resources Leader Digital Guide

Provides information on Savings Plus, including what we offer employees and why Savings Plus is an important resource.

Resource Cheat Sheet

Offers quick access Plus materials.

Savings Plus Retirement Specialists Map

Features who to contact to schedule on-site visits and workshops at your department.

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Schedule an appointment with your rep for a 1:1, on-site enrollment meetings or webinars, etc.

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